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Athos Knob

  • Athos Knob

Knob 50x50 mm on 50x50 mm pressured fixed rose with fixed pivot.


Code: 3.2040


Athos Knob sections

Table of variations

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3.2040 CRS 2 to see the prices login or register +
ID 3.2040
Finishing ? CRS
Packaging 2
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List of finishings

  • CR: polished chrome

  • NIK MATT: brushed nickel

  • ANT: antiqued glazed

  • CRS: brushed chrome

  • ORO ANT: antiqued gold

  • ANT NV: antiqued non-painted

  • OLV: polished painted copper

  • ORO VL: valenzano gold

  • ANT BL: patinated antiquing

  • SAT: brushed copper

  • ORO: 24 k gold

  • FERRO RU: rusted iron

  • INOX: brushed steel

  • NIK NR: black nickel

  • OGR: bronzed blended engraving

  • PVD: pvd

  • ARG ANT: antiqued silver

  • OGR OP: opaque bronzed blended engraving